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Justin Adkins has suspended his campaign and proudly endorsed Crystal Lett for Ohio Senate District 16!
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Friday, November 8, 2019

COLUMBUS, OH – Candidate for the Ohio Senate District 16 Justin Adkins of Columbus, OH offered the following comments on a decision by his opponent, Senator Stephanie Kunze, to vote for Senate Bill 208.

“GOP Senators once again appear to be putting special-interests above the needs of Ohioans by pushing more partisan abortion laws through the Senate,” said a disappointed Adkins. “Senator Stephanie Kunze voted for SB 208 which expands on abortion laws that are already on the books by seeking to criminalize physicians who provide abortions. The bill creates more bureaucratic overhead and extra work with required monthly and yearly reports, and draconian penalties for failing to file those reports.”

Failure to comply with the bill’s provisions would subject the physician to a third degree felony, as well as all related court costs, just for spite.

“In 2020, Senator Kunze has a performance review scheduled with the people of the 16th District. I would think she’d want to focus on real priorities like affordable healthcare and higher-wage jobs rather than wasting taxpayer dollars trying to shame women and punish doctors for doing their job.”

Adkins is fighting to bring evidenced-based solutions and an outsider’s perspective to the Statehouse. As a software developer and small business owner running on a platform of people over profit, Justin wants to move Ohio forward by tackling the skyrocketing costs of life-saving drugs like Insulin and Epi-Pen. More information about Justin’s campaign platform can be found at here.


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