Privacy & Technology

Ohio needs to step up its responsibility of protecting its citizens.

Reconiginze that the Internet is a vital public utility

It's getting harder and harder to live life without access to a computer or the internet. Many businesses only allow new employees to apply online, and students are frequently assigned homework that requires access to the internet.

It's time for Ohio to recognize that broadband internet is an essential public utility. Just like with electricity and landline telephones in the past, the government must step up and make sure that those without access to the internet aren't at risk of being left behind.

Require opt-in for data collection and advertisement personalization

Tech companies have profited off data collected about us as we use apps and browse the web. Our lax regulations have allowed highly targeted advertisements that make it seem as if our phones are listening to our conversations.

Implement security requirements for businesses that operate online

A business that operates online and stores customer data needs to be held accountable for that data. The government needs to ensure that sensitive information is stored securely and encrypted to prevent exposure when it gets hacked.

Investigate possible monopiles in the tech industry

As your Senator, I'll use the full power and influence of my office to ensure that the behavior of technology companies doesn't rise to the level of anti-trust or isn't harmful to users.

Expand Internet access for all Ohioans

Other issues

Real solutions for Ohio

We need new leadership with the ideas and solutions to solve the problems we're facing today. We need policies that focus on people and not campaign donors or special interests.

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Economic opportunities

Corporations do everything to minimize tax liability and benefits to employees while maximizing profits for CEOs and shareholders. Our hard work should benefit us, not just corporations.

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Women's rights & equality

It's a fundamental right for a woman to have control of her body. That right needs to be defended and expanded. We also have to eliminate the pay discrimination that women face.

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Everyone has the right to love who they want and to express ourselves without the interference of others.

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