Healthcare & Perscription Drugs

A fundamental right and an industry in need of moral reform

Healthcare is a right and not a privilege. We need policies that work towards a system where all Ohioans have access to the healthcare they need. The greed of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers have robbed Ohioans of the American Dream. They’ve forced families to pay higher healthcare costs than the rest of the world and given us nothing to show for it in return.

That’s why as your Senator, I’d advocate for policies that put people over profit and helped Ohioans get access to the affordable healthcare they need.

Limit profits of drug manufactures on life saving medications like Insulin and Epi-pens

Insulin was discovered in 1921, and the patent sold for $1. It's creators knew the importance of their discovery and that it should be widely available to the public. After almost a hundred years, the average monthly cost is around $1,000 despite the formula having been unchanged in over twenty years. The reason for such high prices? Profits.

For too long, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies have profited off the misfortunes of our friends and families. They raise prices on life-saving medications year after year, while production costs stay the same; Worried more about the bottom line, and shareholder returns than the lives that their drugs are saving. It's time we take a stand.

As your State Senator, I will limit the amount of profit pharmaceutical companies can make off of these life-saving medications. This way, our citizens won't have to worry if they'll be able to afford to live next month. I promise this will be the first piece of legislation I introduce if elected to the Senate.

Defend Medicaid Expansion in Ohio

Governor John Kasich was smart to take advantage of and expand the Medicaid program to include hundreds of thousands of Ohioans. I'll work with Governor Mike DeWine to ensure he keeps his promise to keep the expansion but will fight to ensure it's recipients aren't subject to work requirements.

Opioid Epidemic

We need a new approach to solving the opioid epidemic. We should be treating this as a healthcare emergency rather than a drug-use problem. Promoting rehabilitation over incarceration to ensure that people are getting the help they need. We should be open to alternative treatment methods, such as expanding on Ohio's medical marijuana program and ensure it's barriers for entry aren't too high.

Restore funding for Planned Parenthood

As the son of a teenage mother, Planned Parenthood has a special place in my heart. Without this great organization, my mother wouldn't have had the resources she needed in 1994 to make the informed decisions she needed to make. Planned Parenthood provides a variety of services for women and men like patient education, HIV and STD testing, and even preventive care.

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