The Environment & Clean Energy

There is no denying that the climate has gotten weirder over the last several years. The seasons don't seem to be starting or ending when they used to, and they're even bringing different weather with them.

Droughts wreak havoc in parts of the world while at home we experience rain that delays crop planting and brings historic levels of flooding. Hurricanes have increased intensity. Tornados and storms bring devastation throughout the Midwest and Ohio. Scientists have told us that our time to solve these problems is running out.

Our leaders must treat climate change with the urgency that it deserves. Climate change won't bring about the destruction of Earth. But it will bring an end to life as we know it for our children if we don't take action now to reduce our carbon emissions and increase our air quality.

Continue to invest in wind, solar, and other forms of renewable energy

By 2025, every single coal-fired plant along the Ohio River is going to find itself in the situation where it'll be cheaper to build with new wind or solar farms than continue to be in operation. Ohio must hold firm to its clean energy standards while working aggressively to increase them.

Join the United States Climate Alliance

As your Senator, I'd introduce legislation to commit Ohio to implement the commitments made by President Obama when joining the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Ban fracking in Ohio

The risks of water contamination are too high. We can't risk ruining our drinking water, and we need to protect and conserve our lands.

Explore tax on Carbon emissions

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Other issues

Real solutions for Ohio

We need new leadership with the ideas and solutions to solve the problems we're facing today. We need policies that focus on people and not campaign donors or special interests.

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Everyone has the right to love who they want and to express ourselves without the interference of others.

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Pre K-12 & Higher Education

The quality of a child's education shouldn't depend on their zip code. I lived through our unconstitutional school funding, attending public, charter, and online schools; Graduating from the home of DeRolph V. State.

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Privacy & Technology

Businesses have profited off data collected about us as we use apps and browse the web. Companies must compete fairly and in the interest of consumers.

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