Economic opportunities

An economy that puts people over profit and works for everyone

Since World War II, there has been a basic understanding between the American worker and a corporation. One where you work a 40 hour week and in return you received certain benefits. Over time, wages have remained stagnant and benefits have dwindled away to now only meet the bare minimum. For the past three decades, our trade and economic polices have encouraged corporations to ignore their responsibility to the worker in favor of their shareholders. Factories have been closed and jobs have moved to other countries to exploit cheap labor.

When I'm elected to the Senate, I'll be a champion for workers.

Implement a Living Wage Formula

In 1968 Ohio’s minimum wage of $1.25/hr was equivalent to a $9/hr wage today. Year after year lawmakers ignored minimum wage workers, and failed to see them living paycheck to paycheck. In 2006, inaction forced Ohioans to pursue a ballot initiative tying our minimum wage to inflation. With our current wage at $8.55/hr, we’ve fallen behind our 1968 standard and allowed minimum wage workers to live just above the poverty line with only an additional $1600 a year.

When I'm in the Senate, I will make it a point to create a new Living Wage formula. One that is backed by science to take into account the average prices paid on rent, utilities, and state mandated auto insurance. I'll work across the aisle to enact legislation to remove a separate wage for tipped-employees. Ending our reliance on the public subsidizing wages, and shifting the responsibilities of salaries back onto the employers.

Ensure Ohio never becomes a right-to-work State

I'll ensure that Ohio will never become a right to work state. Right to work is a LIE!!! It is union busting legislation, disguised as worker rights. Large corporations have begun pushing these policies in an attempt to keep their workers from gaining momentum against them. Our unions keep Ohioans safe, and ensure that they aren't taken advantage of by their employer.

When I am elected to the Senate, I'll always vote in the best interest of our families and workers.

Pass paid family leave

You shouldn't have to chose between financial stability and starting a family. The State needs to acknowledging the benefit of having both parents at home to care for a child during it's first few months of life.

As your Senator, I'll work across the aisle to implement paid family leave that will bring Ohio up to date with the rest of the world.

Close LLC tax loophole

Our small businesses are a vital part of our economy. However, their reduced tax rate has been taken advantage of by those whom wish to reduce their tax liability.

As your Senator, I will work diligently to close the LLC Loophole and use that money towards funding Ohio's public schools.

Shareholder capitalism isn't working

Corporations do everything to minimize tax liability and benefits to employees while maximizing profits for CEOs and shareholders. Our hard work should benefit us not just corporations.

Other issues

Real solutions for Ohio

We need new leadership with the ideas and solutions to solve the problems we're facing today. We need policies that focus on people and not campaign donors or special interests.

4 proposals

Healthcare & Perscription Drugs

Affordable healthcare and prescription drugs are a right, not a privilege. Ohioans must pay hundreds of dollars a month for life-saving drugs like Insulin and EpiPen's even with health insurance coverage.

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6 proposals

Pre K-12 & Higher Education

The quality of a child's education shouldn't depend on their zip code. I lived through our unconstitutional school funding, attending public, charter, and online schools; Graduating from the home of DeRolph V. State.

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4 proposals

Electoral reform

Expensive campaigns have moved control out of the hands of the individual voters. Extensive Gerrymandering has forced politicians to pursue divisive policies while avoiding elective primaries.

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