Campaign Update!

Justin Adkins has suspended his campaign and proudly endorsed Crystal Lett for Ohio Senate District 16!
See why Crystal is the fighter we need in the Senate

Justin Adkins
for Ohio Senate 16

My story is pretty unique for a political candidate. But it’s not unique for everyday Ohioans. We need more leaders at the Statehouse who’ve been where I’ve been. Then we can propose solutions that we know from experience will work.
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It's time to put people over profit.

Your hard work should benefit you and not just corporations. We need better-paying jobs and a government that works for us and not just special interests.


Our economic policies reward the thinking up top and take advantage of the labor that's also responsible for our success. We need a Living Wage to make sure this economy works for everyone.


Ohio's schools are poorly funded and have fallen behind other States. We need to fix our funding formula so that the quality of a child's education doesn't depend on their zip code.


Affordable healthcare and prescription drugs are a right, not a privilege. We have to limit the profits of the pharmaceutical industry on life-saving medications.

Women's Rights

It's a fundamental right for a woman to have control of her body. That right needs to be defended and expanded. We also have to eliminate the pay discrimination that women face.

Criminal Justice

Our policies have to focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment. The prison industry has pushed policies that ensure profits for private prisons.


Gerrymandering and expensive campaigns have moved control out of the hands of the voters and into special interests and lobbyists.


In the past forty years, the free market hasn't solved climate change. We must do everything we can to ensure the survival of our children and resources.


Ohio must strive to be an open and inclusive state. We must ensure that no one ever faces discrimination based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.


Our children aren't prepared for an increasingly online world. We ignore businesses profiting off data collected about us as we use apps and browse the web.

Now is the time to move Ohio forward

A living wage, affordable healthcare, prescription drugs pricing should be our top priorities. Want to know how we're getting it done?

We're fighting for

In 2020, we have an opportunity to take back our state and set it on the right path. An opportunity for better-funded schools, a Living Wage for everyone, and a healthcare system that puts people over profit. Learn more about everything we want to do for Ohioians.

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The campaign team during Columbus Pride 2019

Where is District 16 at exactly?

The district encompasses the majority of western the half of Franklin County and most of north-west Columbus. Source and additional information.


Grove City



Parts of Columbus


Upper Arlington